Stimulating Simulations

Knowing how your lighting is going to perform is vital to a machine’s design. TYRI uses customer-specific 3D data to create simulations that examine light patterns from all perspectives.

Work Lighting Design

When developing a lighting solution for a machine application, it is important to understand the kinematics of the machine in operation, including the movement of specific components and the emergence of new shadow regions. Additionally, careful deliberation should be given to potential issues from glare. This can result from the motion of reflective machine parts projecting light back toward the operator.

We also look at the careful calculation of lumen output, dispersion, and placement of every individual light source. A 3D simulation helps to determine the precise configuration, illumination pattern, and spatial arrangement of the resulting light. It shows us how the light will fall, highlights any shadows, and how to create a unified lighting solution.

We aim to produce the most even light spread possible within the working area, as this is the most comfortable state for the human eye – this reduces operator fatigue and the risk of accidents caused by poor visibility.

Lighting simulations can be made using both customized products as well as standard products. The TYRI team works with you to ensure our lights complement both your design and functionality.

The Process

TYRI produces these simulations in-house using specialist software. We begin with a CAD drawing of your machine and position the lights following the advice of our R&D team. This is based on the machine’s design, the environment it will be working in, the application, and how many people will be working around the machine.

Graphical and Realistic Visualisations

Our graphical simulations show the Lux values on the ground and around the machine.

We also have the capability to produce visualisation images that simulate how the lights will perform on the vehicle in a realistic environment. This is an extremely useful tool as it often helps to spot and solve issues before the machine is in production.

A Unique Insight

TYRI light simulations give our customers a unique insight before a product is created – this ensures that the lighting performs as expected when incorporated into the completed machine design.

Watch our Simulations video to hear our 3D Visualisation Artist, Dipti Samant, explain her process when creating light simulations:

(4) Simulations – YouTube