Placoplatre specializes in the extraction of gypsum in France. They use excavators specially equipped with a milling cutter, in a harsh and unforgiving underground environment. After fitting white LED lights the operators quickly found themselves in a cloud of white dust and visibility was drastically reduced causing issues with productivity and safety.

TYRI was approached to find a solution to these issues, caused by white LED’s, and the 0909 Mint White light was selected. 0909 Mint White work light helps provide significant improvements in productivity by providing better surface lines lighting, which allows for improved detection of imperfections and giving better visibility for obtaining a smoother finish in the rock tunnel. It has an output of 2000 effective lumen and a colour temperature of 4400 K – giving it it’s unique green light.

The 0909 Mint White’s colour greatly diminished the glare from the cloud of dust, reduced eye strain and improved the contrast of the working surface, allowing Placoplatre operators to work more effectively and increasing safety. Furthermore, Placoplatre were extremely pleased with the resistance and the reliability of TYRI lights in these tough conditions.