Are all LED’s equal?

Choosing the correct light for your application can be confusing, so the choice is often decided by price. Unfortunately, not all LED work lights are the same; low cost LED’s are frequently manufactured with low cost components and a lack of quality control. This could mean that the level of brightness, colour spectrum and expected lifespan may not meet your expectations for the application. TYRI manufactures work lights to the highest quality, so you have the utmost confidence that our lighting will stand up to punishing regimes.

Lumen Output

Often listed as theoretical, but only effective/measured output must be taken into consideration.

IP Rating

IP ratings classify the degree of protection provided against ingress from dust or water.

IP 69K – protected from total dust ingress and high pressure/steam-jet cleaning.

False Quality Statements

Some work lights claim they use premium LEDs or other well-known parts, to give you a false sense of superiority. Low cost lights are made with low cost components and this is reflected in the price.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

All work lights emit an electromagnetic field which can interfere with other systems. Testing to ensure your work light’s electromagnetic field remains at a near undetectable level is essential to ensure all electronic devices on your vehicle function correctly. TYRI work lights have the highest EMC rate in most cases.


The worst enemy of an LED work light is the heat that is generated by the LEDs. Large cooling fins are therefore required to dissipate the heat.


Some low cost LED work lights will have a spade connector rather than a Deutsch connector. The spade connector is less expensive but also less reliable than a Deutsch connector. It can allow water to ingress the connection and therefore prevent the light from working. All TYRI lights are supplied with Deutsch connectors.

Light Pattern

Light patterns are not a one size fits all solution; they make a variety of different diffusion options possible. TYRI offers an average of five different light patterns per model to create a professional lighting solution for different machinery. Using our expertise, TYRI advises our customers on the best light patterns for their application. We ensure you have the most effective light to meet your needs.