TYRI launches a unique online academy

TYRI, an industry leader in work lighting, has  launched an online knowledge platform
– TYRI Light Academy. The aim is to spread knowledge about what makes great work lighting and how both productivity as well as work environment can improve with the right lighting in place.

TYRI Light Academy is launched on TYRI’s website and will provide insights, tips, knowledge and updates on new innovations in work lighting. The online academy offers tailored articles, videos and tools that will guide the user through the world of work lighting.

“TYRI Light Academy is the first of its kind in our industry. We started this project because we found that the level of knowledge on what makes good lighting and how it can be used effectively is generally quite low, a fact that can lead to faulty decisions which can cost a business unnecessary damage to both revenue and brand image,” says Annette Brown, Marketing Manager, TYRI UK.

With TYRI Light Academy, TYRI wants to share TYRI expert’s knowledge on creating a high quality and safe work environment with work lighting. This will create better conditions for companies to make well-informed decisions for their businesses.

“TYRI has over 40 years of experience in work lighting and we want to be the leading provider of knowledge in the industry. People who work with heavy vehicles are very concerned with safety and by sharing the expertise from our lighting experts we believe we can help improve work environments, safety and at the same time increase revenue. TYRI Light Academy will be updated regularly with additional services and knowledge, so make sure to follow us as we evolve this new platform,” says Annette Brown.

During TYRI’s many years as industry leader, they have collected a great amount of knowledge. To share and provide that knowledge is TYRI’s way of contributing to increased understanding of what makes great lighting and to show the importance of understanding the consequences of the choices you make when it comes to work lighting.
“This is in line with how we work at TYRI, to spread knowledge on work lighting is something we think the whole industry can benefit from, regardless of whether you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) reseller or end user. There is a lot happening in work lighting right now, and it is constantly evolving, that is why we want to help everyone in the industry to make well informed choices when it comes to work lighting,” says Annette Brown.