TYRI increases sales by 35% in 2021

TYRI, a world leader in lighting for work machines, increased sales by 35 % in 2021. A growing market, increased sales of standard products and accelerated demand for specially designed solutions and the launch of INTELLilight are some of the reasons for the strong year. The company expects continued strong growth in the coming years.

“TYRI, as a group, has experienced very good growth for a number of years, averaging a turnover increase of between ten and fifteen percent year on year, but now we have really gained leverage for our investments, especially against the global players and the specialist products that we now manufacture. With long contract periods and complex products, we can now reap the benefits of the time and investments we have made. As the industry grows, we continue to gain market share. In addition, we are seeing an increasing demand for our standard products, which we continue to develop so that they continue to be at the forefront of lighting design.

Lighting, as a design element, has been important in the automotive industry for many years, is now common even in working machines. TYRI has taken a strong position here, producing for several brands, including Toyota Material Handling, Hyster Yale Group, and Massey Ferguson. When entering this type of design collaboration, close cooperation between customer and supplier is required, with both parties putting considerable resources into design and development, which means long contract periods.

We were early to approach this type of collaboration. With a complete test lab, we can offer testing and product development that is completely unique, which many of the global manufacturers have seen as attractive. Last year we invested heavily in our Light Lab, and we will continue to invest in our expertise and testing activities to offer the best possible environment for this type of collaboration,” says Michael Bradley, Managing Director, TYRI UK.

In 2021, INTELLilight, an intelligent system where each lamp has a built-in transmitter and receiver, was stealthily launched. All lights are then connected via a mesh wireless network. The system has been well received by the market.

We have only seen the beginning of what INTELLilight can offer. We are now looking forward to 2022 where we will fully launch INTELLilight, continue with our design collaborations and, not least, refining our standard range.” says Michael Bradley.