TYRI increases INTELLilight® forecast by 100% for 2023 – production will be required in all factories to meet demand.

TYRI, the world leader in work lighting for heavy machinery, had high expectations for 2023 and the launch of INTELLilight® on the international market. However, it is only April, and the company has had to increase its sales forecast by 100% for the full year. Production that has been conducted so far in the Swedish factory will be scaled up and the UK and USA factories will start producing INTELLilight® as soon as possible.

Martin Karlberg, CEO and one of the founders of TYRI says,
“INTELLilight® has been incredibly well received on the international market. Several of the major machine manufacturers have ordered the system for their production, including Komatsu, DOLL and Soilmec. During the seven years of development of INTELLilight® , we have worked closely with many of the machine manufacturers, and we understood early on that our new lighting system would be attractive, but we had never dared to believe that demand would be so great this quickly. We thought we had set high forecasts and allocated resources to our factory in Sweden, but we already need to make a new forecast and change production in our factories in the UK and the US.”

Several global machine manufacturers have already signed long-term agreements with TYRI’s INTELLilight® and over twenty more are now testing the lighting system, underlining great market interest in INTELLilight®.

Increasing production and getting more products on the market faster is nothing that worries Martin Karlberg,
“We have the same challenges as everyone else in getting hold of materials and technical components, but we have very good relationships with our suppliers and are in constant dialogue with them to ensure that we get what we need. During [busy] periods, deliveries may take a little longer, but by having a good inventory based on that knowledge, I feel confident that we can deliver based on demand, even though we now see that we need to double our production of INTELLilight® this year.”

The increased demand for the first version of INTELLilight® has meant that the research and development of the lighting system continues with high intensity. Great progress has been made, but there is still much to develop, says Christian Wadell, Global Head of Research and Development at TYRI.
“We are in full swing developing INTELLilight® and we look forward to presenting more news. Since we future-proofed INTELLilight® early on, any new software upgrades will be compatible with older systems. So, if you have switched to INTELLilight®, you should feel confident that you can make updates without having to change the entire system.”

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