TYRI and The Techno Creatives come together in joint venture

– TYRI’s digital solutions will be the best in the industry

In 2020, TYRI, a leader in lighting for off highway machines, launched INTELLilight – an intelligent lighting system that opens new possibilities for both users and installers. The digital platform that enables this system to function is very complex and relatively new, and so requires the very best experts in the world to ensure its continued success. That is why TYRI are entering into a joint venture with The Techno Creatives, a global leader in digital innovation. The two companies are leaders in their industries will now together make a digital work lighting that will create completely new opportunities and increased safety in the lighting industry.

INTELLilight has been received by the market with open arms. No switches in the cab, no cables, no predefined groups of lighting. For the user, the possibility of dimming the lights and changing the light temperature will offer clear advantages. The lighting system, which is based on the lighting being connected in a closed Mesh system via Bluetooth, must be able to be controlled by an app, among other things. A solution that turned out to be more complex and more difficult than TYRI initially thought.

– We are experts in lighting and lighting systems. When we decided to bring the Internet of Things into INTELLilight and control the system via an app, we first thought we could do it ourselves. However, we realized quite early on that it is an extremely complex and difficult process to develop an app that does what we want, to be able to control all lighting and at the same time be very easy to use and understand. In our frustration we encountered The Techno Creatives and after conversations with them, we understood that it would be impossible for us to solve this ourselves. This resulted in a joint venture where we will together develop the world’s most user-friendly solution for lighting systems. To make it a little challenging, we will also do it in record time so that our customers can enjoy the benefits that INTELLilight can offer as soon as possible, says Christian Wadell, globally responsible for research and development at TYRI.

The Techno Creatives are a consulting firm with expertise in the development of digital services, products and even companies. Their specialisms in software, hardware, design and strategy are never hired out, but everyone sits in the office in Gothenburg and in small teams they solve customers’ challenges. Part of the business model is to also enter various joint ventures. This business model requires a much greater commitment, commitment to all components of the system, and a constant focus on balancing customer value with the commercial. TYRI was such an assignment that fit well into that model. A very complex and difficult task that triggered Techno to take on the challenge of doing better than everyone else has done before.

– This assignment is really a challenge; the time aspect is tricky and solving the technical challenges requires us to we think far beyond the ordinary patterns. We are very targeted and work hard to fulfil the wishes that exist for the system and with TYRI’s expertise in lighting and lighting systems for work machines, we become an extremely strong team. This collaboration is a challenge for all of us and that is when we have the chance to create something really good, says Martin Persson, Lead Strategy at The Techno Creatives.

INTELLilight is developed to create a flexible lighting solution that adapts to the driver’s needs and external circumstances (such as dust and snow). The system can easily change brightness and colour temperature for optimal lighting. In addition, without a single extra cable, you can group and regroup your lights. A completely flexible lighting solution that can be controlled with the help of sensors in combination with a remote control or an app.