Timber Truck Operator – Rebecka

Timber truck operator Rebecka:
“It feels like it’s always dark in the woods.”

Rebecka Jansson has been driving trucks for the last ten years, she has always liked big machines and although her early career was in retail, her passion for operating big machines took over and for the last two years Ottossons Åkeri has been her workplace, where she operates timber trucks.

“Timber trucks are much more fun to drive than regular trucks. There are more challenges, and you must do your own tasks. Often the days are about picking up timber in the forest and dropping it off at a sawmill, but no trip is the same. The small roads in the forest challenge you. Sometimes you have to back in or turn on narrow roads. When you’re out there in the woods, it also feels like it’s always dark,” says Rebecka.

For some time now, Rebecka’s timber truck has been equipped with TYRI’s work lights and it is not quite so dark in the forest anymore.

I’m really happy with the lighting now. Above all, it is important to have good lighting at the back. The difficult thing is to reverse and then you need good light to be able to safely handle the timber truck. The work lighting is also important and that you can feel confident that the lights are working. You don’t want them to break when you’re out in the woods,” says Rebecka.


Ottossons Åkeri has about ten trucks and Rebecka is one of the drivers employed at the haulage company where there is a common interest in trucks and timber trucks amongst her colleagues, but Rebecka also has other interests involving horsepower,

“Of course I like big trucks, but also my two horses, a Swedish half-breed and a cross, there must be time for that too. In addition, I am interested in American cars and would love to buy myself a veteran Buick,” concludes Rebecka.