The Highest EMC Rating for Military Use

Achleitner in Wörgl, Austria, works on the design, development, and production of custom-built bodies and trailers. In addition to this they also manufacture specialized vehicles for the police, the military, and paramilitary purposes. In Wörgl, all vehicles are adapted and manufactured according to customer specifications. The HMV Survivor I features TYRI’s VL6, a slimline LED work light with the highest EMC class rating – a must for the police and military.

When TYRI started developing LED lights for mining, construction, agriculture, and forestry machinery in 2006, special attention was paid to electromagnetic compatibility. At that time, TYRI’s research and development department decided to aim for the highest possible EMC class according to CISPR 25 for all LED products. For many years, they cooperated with external EMC laboratories, but this extended the development time for new products significantly.

In 2016, TYRI’s management decided to invest in its own EMC laboratory, striving to become independent of external testing institutes.

Håkan Dalsvik, an electronics engineer, is responsible for the EMC measurements at TYRI and offers insight into his work. He has been working as a “Senior Electronics Engineer” since 1999, testing how well electrical components function in an electromagnetic environment without causing electromagnetic interference.

Interference can occur through the wiring, the air, or by electrostatic discharge – ESD. Since TYRI’s LED headlights contain electronics, every newly developed product is subjected to extensive EMC testing.

“When we encounter problems during our EMC tests, such as flickering in the light, we can now act immediately. We have a high level of competence in EMC issues and conduct our tests with precision,” says Håkan Dalsvik. Håkan provides our OEM clients with the EMC protocols, which include the results of:

  • Conducted emissions and radiated emissions
  • Conducted immunity and radiated immunity

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