When Terberg Benschop, based in the Netherlands, wanted to offer an LED alternative headlight to meet customer demands, they began to look at possible suppliers.

The new headlight needed to have the same look and feel of their current applications to allow retro fitting into the existing mounting points and be offered as an upgrade from Halogen to LED. They also required a LED turn signal to match the LED headlight. This also had to be designed in the current format; a yellow lens turn signal to fit on the current mounting points and be separate from the headlight.

As these demands were very specific, several other OEM lighting companies were not able to design or supply a new product within the parameters of size, fit and technology. However, TYRI began to work with Terberg Benschop to fully explore their needs and assess whether it was possible. TYRI gave a ground up project feasibility report and developed relationships with key Terberg Benschop personnel to help develop this new lighting product to meet their exact specifications.

TYRI’s Research and Development department began work on this challenging project to develop a new headlight from concept, through design, to production. With lighting experts at each stage liaising with Terberg Benschop to inform them of progress and achieve sign off.

The results delivered the HL Compact, a space efficient LED headlight specifically designed to provide more light to the sides than standard headlights and allowing for higher installation.

HL Compact met Terberg Benschop’s need for an attractive drop in replacement option for halogen headlights and complies with ECE R112, R87, R7 and R10 standards. The external turn signal also conforms to ECE R6, categories 1 and 6. Additionally, it features daytime running lights as well as multiple configurations to adapt to vehicle requirements.

TYRI Business Development Manager, Christopher Parke reflects on the project, “This development journey was challenging and had many issues to overcome. However, with TYRI lighting experts and resources in house, we were able to deliver a quality product, specifically designed to meet the needs of Terberg Benschop’s existing and future applications. The HL Compact offers industry first, superior lighting and delivers on the specifications set by Terberg Benschop. We look forward to working with Terberg Benschop on future projects.”


Testing Terberg’s new YT series with HL Compact option