Successful design collaboration with Massey Ferguson

With over 160 years history, Massey Ferguson is one of the leading and most recognisable tractor brands in the world. Their design and brand language are clear, and their manufacturing process is of the highest quality. When Massey Ferguson began to develop a new tractor series, they turned to TYRI to help design the unique lighting required.

– This project was a prestigious assignment for TYRI. Massey Ferguson is one of the world’s best manufacturers of tractors and we know that they place very high demands on their suppliers. TYRI was given the chance to be involved from the start of the project, developing the lighting for a new tractor series, ensuring it added value and increased the overall user experience of the tractor. A very exciting assignment, says Sibylle Naumann-Edgren, Area Sales Manager at TYRI.

The requirement was to produce quality headlights and work lights both in halogen and LED with an “automotive style” look. The lighting would be part of the brand-based communication in the tractor series’ design. As standard practice in the automotive industry for many years – lighting is used to develop the character-generating features that create brand recognition in the details of the design. To make this possible, TYRI was consulted early in the process at a start-up meeting in Beauvais, France, where Massey Ferguson’s headquarters and design centres are located. During the process, frequent reconciliation meetings were held both on site in France, but also in Sweden and via virtual meetings.

– The close dialogue with industrial and CAD designers at Massey Ferguson was crucial to achieving the goals set out in this project. The desired design in combination with the technical conditions must be compatible for a successful project and then there must be a close dialogue between the various sub-projects. A simple example is that physically a certain amount of space is required for the lamp to produce a certain amount of light, says Per-Arne Torstensson, Senior Optical Engineer at TYRI.

Massey Ferguson is known for its brand promise to the end customer, to always deliver the highest possible quality and user experience. This includes function as well as safety and comfort. Lighting is an important part of all these factors. In addition, creating a design that strengthens the brand and recognition is a challenge. The optical solutions must meet the specification parameters that are set and adapted to the desired design preferences.

– A tractor usually has many lights, which often have different properties and different light distribution patterns. Despite different characteristics, the lamps must still work together to achieve optimal light distribution around the vehicle. It is a complex task to make this work, and it is this knowledge that TYRI offered Massey Ferguson. Effective lighting on a heavy vehicle is crucial for both safety and productivity.

This collaboration was very stimulating, and we were able to show TYRI’s entire spectrum of knowledge in both optics and design, says Per-Arne Torstensson at TYRI.


The result of the collaboration speaks for itself – a clear and distinctive design with the light specification desired by Massey Ferguson.

The expert team from TYRI included the following professionals:

Physicist – Senior Optical Designer
Global R&D Director
Project manager
3D Visualization Artist
Mechanical design engineers
Senior design engineer electronics
Test engineers
Area Sales Manager