Safety First

The process of equipping industrial vehicles with the most appropriate warning lighting isn’t straightforward. As more vehicles are introduced into working spaces such as warehouses or ports, safety of pedestrians and other users become more of a concern. Protecting lives and reducing risk of injury is paramount to any material handing situation.

There are many solutions available which portray themselves as warning tools but in this sea of choice what should you look for?

Assessing what risks are currently an issue is the first step in identifying the correct solution. Are you trying to give an advanced warning of a vehicle approaching or do you want to keep pedestrians away from a vehicle danger zone? Is the environment noisy and distracting or are there overhead moving machinery that need additional warning systems?

What machinery do you have running on site? Do you only have traditional forklifts or are there other moving machinery such as overhead cranes or grabbers?

Common place on the market, are a various array of BluePoint warning lights. What makes TYRI BluePoint stand out is the quality of design, build and output. Providing a distinct square of light on the floor in front of or behind a vehicle warns of its approach and allows the pedestrian to take appropriate action to avoid a collision. Relatively new to the market are line point lights – these shine a line or box around a piece of machinery to provide a visual danger zone market, keeping pedestrian at a safe distance – the TYRI RedLine being such a product.

Traditionally BluePoint safety lights have been used on forklifts, however, it’s uses can be expanded to be used as a warning of an overhead crane moving across the warehouse. Using the powerful and long reach spot beam of the 1010 BluePoint mounted on an overhead crane, they can warn workers below of the crane position on the floor. This was not visible before without looking upwards – something that we don’t often do whilst walking around warehouses.

Working with the leading industry expert, TYRI, means you receive the correct advice and solution for your application. Alternatively, TYRI can design and develop a specific light that provides a solution to your individual safety concerns. They can look at your situation and provide the best product to help keep your workforce and other risk groups safe.