The quest for optimal light distribution

Everyone can produce a lamp – but few have the same deep knowledge about optical engineering as TYRI. We develop our own products and concepts, and we work closely with our customers in developing customised work lights for today and for the future.

Our R&D Design Team

We have R&D and Quality teams located in Sweden and the USA made up of 40 specialists.

The expert team from TYRI includes the following professionals:

  • Global R&D Director
  • Physicists – Senior Optical Designers
  • Project Managers
  • 3D Visualization Artists
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Senior Design Engineers – Electronics
  • Test Engineers

TYRI Test Lab – Tested under the toughest conditions

TYRI’s lights must withstand harsh stresses in the toughest environments. To guarantee that the lights perform in environments where they are subjected to impacts, high salt content, moisture, water, dust, and extreme cold or heat, all products are tested in TYRI’s own test lab.

The TYRI test system is used during research and development of own products as well as products designed together with customers. Higher standards and faster results ensure a better R&D process.

Knowing how your lighting is going to perform
is vital to a design

Lighting simulations can be made both for customised products as well as for standard products. TYRI uses customer specific 3D data to create a simulation that helps to determine the positioning of the work light, how the light will fall, highlights any shadows and creates a unified field of lighting. TYRI produces these simulations in house, using specialist software, giving customers a unique insight of how the light will perform on the machine.


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