Quality will always win out

A friend of mine recently told me about a pair of hiking boots she owns. She admitted that they were probably the most expensive footwear she had every bought and was hesitant prior to making the final commitment to buy. However, 5 years later, these boots have been worn hundreds of times, been on many adventure hikes and camping trips and they continue to function as good as they did new. So, in the long term this investment paid off and has saved her money by not having to replace them frequently with cheaper, less durable boots. Quality won out.

Now, I want you to think about your last big purchase, what were your reasons for buying it? Did you buy that chair because it matched your design vision, or did you buy that car because you liked the way it looked, or that appliance because it was well made and would last? I am guessing when you made this decision, the primary driving factor was not the price. Am I right? Sure, the price probably was considered at some point, but it did not drive the final decision. Quality, durability, and style are often more important driving factors.

Now let us apply that knowledge to your machine lighting. When designing your new machine or updating your existing line, you want your end user to fall in love with the quality of your design and manufacture. Every element plays its role in identifying you as the quality brand leader, this includes the lighting you offer. A substandard lighting package, which fails to deliver can impact negatively on your brand. Whereas a lighting package which enhances the look and feel of the machine and also delivers on performance and durability will not only enhance your brand but also make you stand out against your competitors. Yes, this may mean the initial investment is higher, but over the long run, this investment will win out.

TYRI can work with your design team to create an impressive lighting solution which enhances your brand in terms of performance and style. Helping your customers to fall in love with your machine and brand.

Good quality lights will give effective lighting, match the lifetime of the machine, they will not interfere with electronic equipment on board and will continue to work in the toughest conditions. These are the foundations your buying decisions should be based on. Lower price, lower quality lights could cost more in the long run and increase the downtime of the machine. This effects your brand image and potentially future sales.

// Annette Brown, TYRI Marketing Manager, UK