Warning Lights; Beyond Material Handling

Traditionally, you see safety lights in the material handling field, but they are now being employed in other sectors that are not immediately obvious.  These lifesaving tools help to keep workers safe and clear around moving machinery and are increasingly being trialled with pavers, conveyor belts and even overhead cranes to name a few.

In terms of road work and maintenance machines, TYRI’s VL 4 RedLine model uses LED lights and is mounted on top of the machine or on the canopy. At night, these throw a clear red line to the side, front and back of the vehicle, marking out a solid danger zone around the sides of the machine. This box can be extended to match the size of the activity.

VL 4 RedLine can also be used on conveyor belts help to keep workers away from moving parts of machinery by visual guidance, making it clear to avoid a particular area. These are now being rolled out in multiple industries across the globe.

Traditionally BluePoint safety lights have been used on forklifts, however, it’s uses can be expanded to be used as a warning of an overhead crane moving across the warehouse.  Using the powerful and long reach spot beam of the 1010 BluePoint mounted on an overhead crane, they can warn workers below of the crane position on the floor. This was not visible before without looking upwards – something that we don’t often do whilst walking around warehouses.

Working with the leading industry expert, TYRI, means you receive the correct advice and solution for your application. Alternatively, TYRI can design and develop a specific light that provides a solution to your individual safety concerns.  They can look at your situation and provide the best product to help keep your workforce and other risk groups safe.