Passion for animation drove Dipti to TYRI

Dipti Samant works with 3D visualisation and light simulations at TYRI. She gets down to business when TYRI’s designers and sellers need an elegant visualisation of the properties and performance of light. Using sophisticated software, Dipti helps customers understand how the light from a lamp will appear on the heavy vehicle. Despite having a background in biology, her passion for creativity has taken her far from home.

Dipti studied and worked as a biologist in Mumbai, India, but she yearned for something different. Her passion lay in painting and animation, so when her husband – who loves cars – got a job at Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg, Dipti saw the chance to make her dream come true. They moved to Gothenburg in 2013, where Dipti took a course in computer graphic design. She joined TYRI in the spring of 2019.

“I did on-the-job training and worked at a few different animation studios, but I now feel that I’ve found where I belong. TYRI is like a family and my job gives me a great deal of freedom,” says Dipti.

It can be difficult to understand how a lamp will shine, how shadows will be cast, and how the lamp will perform on your heavy vehicle before it is delivered. Reading data about the luminous flux and brightness of a lamp can never provide the whole picture and – most of all – it cannot bestow understanding to those who are not experts.

“It’s our biggest challenge; to really help the customer understand light,” says Dipti.

When designing a lamp, it is imperative that the luminous flux, light distribution and position are precise. Dipti takes the engineers’ calculations and creates advanced 3D simulations in order to present the customer with an accurate and clear picture of how the light will be perceived when sitting in the vehicle cab. An invaluable in-house asset at TYRI saving customers plenty of time and money.

Her science background and physics knowledge are the perfect skill set for the work done at TYRI.

“For me to be able to visualise how a light will behave, I have to first understand how the lamp functions, for which I have a good deal of knowledge from my time as a scientist. It also makes collaborating with designers so much simpler and more fun,” says Dipti.

A focus of TYRI is on development and working strategically to consult with experts in different fields in order to advance its position in a traditional market. A beneficial side effect of having expertise in various areas is the considerable amount of knowledge that is brought together and cultivated in an environment such as this. TYRI is developing a new initiative, TYRI light school, in order to share that knowledge and to educate customers and others about light. This project will be launching int he near future.