Lighting OEM Designs

Lighting has a dramatic effect on the look of a machine as well as the productivity and safety of the operator. Considering lighting at the very beginning of a project can help shape the final machine design to make it as individual and unique as you!

You may think it is far too scary and expensive, to create a customised lighting design but that is where TYRI excels. They love designing new innovative lighting solutions and have the best designers in the business to do it.

Christian Wadell, TYRI R&D Director points out, “TYRI has a passion for creating new innovative lighting solutions that are on the cutting edge of technology and design – it’s what we do best!”

TYRI has taken this drive and developed custom solutions for the likes of Toyota, Hyster Yale, Jeep and Terberg, to name a few. They design from scratch or customise their tried and tested designs such as the 1010 Curve series, to meet the needs of their customers.

TYRI prides itself on producing quality lighting, so its lights are meticulously engineered and extensively tested to ensure they operate in the harshest environments and conditions. These tests include Environmental testing from temperatures -40°C to +85°C and 90 % humidity.

They meet standards for IP69K and are covered to EMC / CISPR 25 Class 5. This applies to newly developed lighting solutions as well as standard solutions.

TYRI is on the cutting edge of lighting technology, delivering world firsts in dynamic new projects. They are the first to develop a compact LED headlight (HL Compact) specifically designed for the slow-moving vehicle – which delivers a superior light spread in front of the machine. This light meets ECE approvals and is fully tested to TYRI standards and is just one of our recently delivered projects.

TYRI always looks forward to the next evolution in lighting and believe their INTELLilight system is the future of work lights. This integrated smart system delivers never seen before features including anti-theft, mobile app control, adjustable light colour temperature and sensor controlled dimming to avoid causing glare to the operator, those working around the machine and other operators. It is also possible to allow those on the ground to control the machine lights to create a harmonious working environment.

Updating an existing machine design can also be improved with customised lighting – changing the design of the light can be a key selling factor to end users. A light which delivers a usable spread of light and attractive design can help to sell consumers on the benefits of your machine over a competitor. It shows you are at the forefront of technology and are not afraid to move with technology.

So, what are you waiting for? Light up your designs and give TYRI a call.