Maintaining and cleaning work lights

When LED work lights are mounted on municipality machines, snow groomers, excavators, tractors, trucks, or other vehicles, they are exposed to dirt, dust, aggressive road salt, exhaust fumes, rock falls, snow and heavy vibrations, amongst other hazards.

Dirt on the cooling fins and lenses must be removed to prevent hotspots being created which can lead to dirt being burnt onto the lens. This could lead to failure of the work light.

Cooling fins can become extremely hot when they are dirty, this causes the built-in overheating protection to be activated on to lower the lumen output and heat. TYRI LED work lights can switch off automatically to prevent damage and switch on again when the dirt has been removed from the cooling fins. Therefore it is essential that you clean your LED work lights regularly.

Allowing the overheating protection to constantly operate the work light at a lower lumen output may cause significant damage because this is not the purpose of the overheating protection. Therefore, it is essential that you clean your LED work lights regularly.

Mounting height: LED work lights/LED reverse lights can be mounted in the underbody guard of your truck or trailer. Please do not undermine this mounting height for all other vehicles.

Please contact your distributor or TYRI for more info if LED work lights are exposed to petrol, diesel, oil, gases, fertilizers, or other strong chemicals and if you want to incorporate the LED work light into a housing.