Anti Glare lighting

Anti Glare lighting

Most work lights are available with multiple lens pattern configurations and the TYRI range has one of the most extensive offerings on the market. Our lighting solutions are available with asymmetric lens patterns to prevent glare and eye fatigue caused to those working around machinery.

Asymmetric Lens

The asymmetric lens pattern disperses the light beam forward and down from the lamp centre line, so the light is more focused toward the ground. This is useful when you need to concentrate the light beam on a particular place of work rather than a wide area. The downward focus of the light reduces glare to those working and operating machinery around the same site. As a result, this more focused light helps to generate safer working environments and reduces operator fatigue, which also improves efficiencies.


The asymmetric pattern is produced from specially designed optics, developed by TYRI’s research and development department, using advanced 3D optical engineering software. The optics create a horizontal cut off in the light beam, effectively redirecting the light downward to reduce glare.


Asymmetric lens reduces the risk of other machine operators and those working around a machine, being blinded by bright work lights. Improving safety and productivity.

It does this by providing a more focused light which is directed forward and down from the centre line. This is particularly useful for placement on the top of a machine cabs, where an operator needs light to be directed towards the ground, in the area they are working, rather than losing light above the cab.


Asymmetric lenses are available on a variety of models with numerous outputs and colour temperature options. This enables you to find the best fit for your application.

However, if you are unsure of your requirements, please contact TYRI and we will be happy to talk you through your choices.

TYRI Lights

TYRI has one of the widest ranges of lights available, are easy to install and available with replacement lenses, accessories and brackets to suit your needs.

It is quick and easy to change an existing TYRI work light to asymmetric; a replacement lens allows you to use your existing TYRI lighting without the need to purchase new work lights. This can be done on-site, saving on machine downtime.

Built with the highest quality and care, TYRI work lights are IP69K rated, ensuring no water or dust ingress occurs, and tested to withstand the vibration and shock of the most demanding environments. These accreditations are available throughout the product range. Selected asymmetric lens patterns are additionally tested in accordance with E rating – ECE R10.