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Christian Wadell (Global R&D Manager at TYRI Lights) gives his and TYRIs vision for future machine lighting. With the exception of high quality and sustainability there are two areas that stand out clearly in this vision.

Part 1 – Branding & Design
As in the automotive industry, lighting is a main brand identifier. It is also the only one that works in the dark. Christian will explain how we can use clever design to increase brand value and to secure aftermarket sales.

Part 2 – Autonomous Machine lighting
The optimal work light for a machine operator is daylight from the sun. This is what we aim to re-create with artificial light on a machine. We want to do this fully automatically so that the operator can focus on their main task. We want to increase productivity, safety and create a good working environment. Christian will discuss in logical steps the progression from ”One size fits all” Lighting solutions to a fully autonomous system supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Where is your company today in the two areas above?
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Watch and listen to our experts as they discuss the latest industry trends and learn about the importance of lighting design.

Welcome to TYRI Light Academy

A new knowledge platform for insights, tips, updates and industry trends for work lighting in off highway vehicle manufacture and beyond.

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