The forestry environment offers a unique set of challenges for both machinery and lighting. It is also where TYRI began their journey. TYRI work lights have been built to illuminate the forest and ensure that you are able to continue to work safely no matter the amount of light filtering through the canopy.

Working with OEM’s, we can design work lights that sit perfectly on your machine and provide the maximum usable light to the area you need it the most. Using the latest technology, we take a view of the actual vehicle design along with any of its parts which may obstruct the light. This, coupled with a view of the terrain and application, enable us to determine and design the best possible solution to your lighting requirement.

TYRI test and approve all work lights under some of the toughest conditions in the industry to ensure they will not fail. Available in a wide selection of lumen output and voltage options to suit your needs, TYRI is the leading name in heavy vehicle lighting.

With a finger on the pulse of the industry, the TYRI Research and Development department ensure they are ahead of the curve with new technology and trends, developing new solutions to meet these future needs.  Read more about the latest lighting technology and how TYRI can help you in our magazine.


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Test e certificazioni per l’silvicoltura

EMC EN55025 / CISPR 25

It is of vital importance, especially on emergency or military vehicles, that lighting does not affect control systems, cameras, on-board computers and other radio sensitive equipment. This is why TYRI lights are scrutinised to ensure they do not interfere with EMC functionality.

IP 69K

IP 69K ratings offers complete peace of mind that the work light you are installing has undergone rigorous tests to ensure it is both durable and conforms to the highest standards on the scale of protection against water, moisture and dust ingress.

Vibration testing

TYRI lights undergo extensive vibration testing, for up to 8 hours on all axes, above 10 Grms at a frequency range from 5 – 2000 Hz. This simulates the forces applied to the lights once mounted on off highway machines.

Salt spray testing

TYRI lights undergo rigorous salt spray testing to ensure they are approved to ASTMB117 standards. This ensures that even in corrosive environments, TYRI lights will continue to perform.

Shock testing

As well as vibration testing, TYRI lights undergo shock testing to a force of 50G. This ensures that TYRI lights will withstand punishment from your work environment.

Environmental testing

TYRI lights tested in hot and cold temperatures, as well as humidity, for a minimum of 50 days. They are tested in conditions up to -40C° to +85C° and up to 90% humidity.

Protezione da polarità / surriscaldamento / sovratensione

I fari TYRI hanno circuiti di rilevamento della temperatura integrati che riducono l’uscita per regolare la temperatura della luce. Ciò impedisce danni ai LED che possono causare guasti prematuri. I fari a LED TYRI sono inoltre protetti da inversione di polarità in caso di installazione errata. Se i cavi fossero invertiti durante la connessione, i fari TYRI non si accenderanno fino a quando i cavi non saranno stati collegati nella configurazione corretta, proteggendo i LED e i circuiti associati.




Laboratorio TYRI

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