HORSCH Pronto Hopper

Horsch developed the first Pronto 15 years ago, at that time they also developed a design language that they stringently followed. Recently, they reviewed the Pronto hopper to see how they could make some improvements to the design, resulting in the reduction of the scope of the original design language and, in turn, the number of hoppers to only four types.

While looking to improve lighting on the Pronto, Horsch consulted TYRI for advice. After some discussions as to the LUX value needed, the D8 Swivel 1400 effective lumen work light was selected and mounted on the machine to provide effective lighting, allowing farmers to work even at night.

The D8 Swivel is an attractive light with superior optics and the swivel mounting ensures the most effective positioning of the light for optimum coverage.

Additionally a compact LED light was used on the underside of the hopper as space is limited. This light was the ideal choice for a glare free lighting option.

TYRI Area Sales Manager, Sibylle Naumann-Edgren stated “We are always on hand to offer our expert advice backed up with simulations and complete reassurance that our products are fully tested and approved to deliver a professional lighting solution. Horsch understand the added value a quality lighting solution can offer their customers and so, our work with Horsch is a perfect example of how good design and professional lighting go hand in hand.”