INTELLilight from TYRI has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award for its innovative design

Intelligent work lighting systems that offer new possibilities for both the user and the installer. INTELLilight is a flexible lighting solution for work machines that can be adapted to the operators needs and to the environment with which they are working in.

The app that gave the award

It’s the app’s design and functionality that raised the eyebrows of the Red Dot Award jury.  Via the app you can control all the lighting, by either grouping, adjusting the lighting strength or colour temperature; all achieved from outside the operator’s area and entirely based on the driver’s preferences and the surrounding conditions. Incredible complex technological challenge that they managed to make extremely user-friendly.

“When we developed the INTELLilight and saw that we had something unique for the market, we wanted to take it one step further. The Internet of things is the kind of technology we wanted to put into our system and thus we then decided to design an app to help us be able to remotely control the lighting system. It was important from the beginning that the app was at a world class level and there for it was important that we saw very early on that we needed to have a secure and trustworthy cooperation with a partner to reach this goal”, says Christian Wadell, who is Globally responsible for research and development at TYRI.

A successful partnership

It was through a joint venture with Techno Creatives that TYRI first took delivery of the new app for the INTELLilight. The Company Techno Creatives is an world leading consultation company in digital innovation and together we successfully managed to create an app to enable us to control our INTELLilight lighting systems in an intelligent way.

This assignment was a challenge to solve all the technical requirements. It required us to really think outside of the box. Together with our experts in lighting and lighting systems at TYRI we became a strong team. This partnership was a test for us all and a challenge, but we succeeded” says Martin Persson, Lead Strategist at The Techno Creatives.

Red Dot is important for our future

The Red Dot Award is very much a prestige award to receive and one that means a lot to TYRI to their future in developing new products. With its own research and development department and an EMC laboratory, we have all the opportunities to continue developing and designing new products.

“We see that design is becoming increasingly important to our customers and it is important for us to have that confirmed with an award like this. Quality and performance have always been the highest priority for us, but now we know that design is also a decisive parameter when we launch new products, says PeO Axelsson, Marketing Manager at TYRI.

This is also confirmed by Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot, who in a joint statement describes it as follows:

“The awards in this competition this year show just what good communication design can achieve. It can recognize complex problems and transform these into solutions. It can present multi-layered information in an easy-to-understand way and make it accessible. The range of channels, media and materials used for this purpose is unusually large. You have emerged as a winner with your design in a large field of international participants. Congratulations on this special achievement!”