Lighting and Electric Vehicles

Predictions are that the electric vehicle revolution in off highway industries is set to continue at a rapid pace. This quiet take over has many OE manufacturers racing to be the leading force in this new field of equipment. Particularly in the mining sector where noisy, polluting diesel engines can massively impact an already unpleasant environment for workers.

However, with quieter and cleaner engines, additional safety concerns become apparent. Warning and lighting systems need to be much more visual, so workers identify when a machine is approaching and from which direction. This is where effective lighting is key to safety, especially since electric vehicles can provide a bigger horse power without added noise or fumes to enclosed working spaces; like those underground.

When thinking about lighting in Electric vehicles, it also pays to look at the latest technology. LED’s draw less power than Halogen’s reducing the strain on your machine battery. This ensures more power is available for other applications such as GPS, onboard computers or more lighting to the area around your machine, all, in most cases, without increasing the capacity of your alternator. Running time is also a factor – with lower energy draw, battery life is increased, ‘s suppliers for and the vehicle can remain in operation longer.

TYRI is an expert at designing lighting that is fit for purpose. This involves looking at the application in its entirety and knowing that it isn’t about the brightness of the light, rather the direction it is focused, the main purpose of the lighting and the effect on those working around the machines. The whole picture needs to be understood before an effective solution can be developed. The lighting solution also needs to complement the machine design to help it stand out from the competition.

Done correctly, the right lighting can make a manufacturers electric vehicle unique and effective but also increase safety on work sites, either underground or on the surface.

Warning lights are becoming much more than lighting for material handling and warehouse applications. The electric vehicle movement is a key area where the need for advanced warning is of paramount importance. TYRI predicts that new ways to identify vehicles approaching, especially when the machine is almost silent, will drive the development of new warning lights and identification systems. TYRI is the first-choice lighting experts for top OEM’s to develop this lighting range and provide these unique solutions, their R&D department and state-of-the-art equipment mean they are on the forefront of design and they are not afraid to challenge convention.