TYRI at BAUMA – Komatsu shows INTELLilight for first time

Short personal report from BAUMA in München/Munich this week.

I am just home from BAUMA after spending four days in München/Munich. The exhibition with 3.100 exhibitors and 450.000 visitors were very nice – but the traffic situation was disastrous. Otherwise food, beer and hospitality in Germany is always great.

For TYRI this event was very good in many ways.

  • We met many of our existing customers and had great meetings.
  • We met a lot of colleagues in Work Lighting business – always nice meetings.
  • We launched INTELLilight for real – the innovative system is now in full production at TYRI.
  • We had INTELLilight system installed at some large OEMs at the fair.
  • Komatsu showed INTELLilight for the first time on their machines.
  • We did receive Red Dot Design Award for the INTELLilight app today.


INTELLilight on Komatsu WA475-10.


TYRI stand at BAUMA 2022

//PeO Axelsson, Marketing Manager at TYRI