Tower of Light

Working at night demands a high level of light output to ensure safety of ground crews. A large proportion of construction sites and road site maintenance crews gain this lighting through tower lights, but these are only as good as the lights mounted to the tower.

TYRI 1313 and 1323 models are high powered units with extremely high light output. They are the essential LED lights to have fixed to your lighting towers.

The 1313 is a powerful and adaptable light with up to 8000 effective lumen, this work light offers exceptional lumen to watt efficiency ratio and heavy duty housing, ensuring the 1313 delivers in both performance and durability.

The 1323 LED is an extremely powerful and bright lighting option, delivering up to a massive 16,500 effective lumen output with a mere 6.2 amp draw. The curved design and mounting options of 60 degree trunnion mount ensure this work light is suitable for multiple applications and installation choices.

Both the 1313 and 1323 are available as AC units have undergone rigorous testing to ensure quality including salt spray, vibration and are IP69K rated. It is important that the lighting tower does not affect equipment operating on electronic fields, so the 1313 and 1323 are EMC/CISPR rated to Class 5.