Pushing the boundaries of design

TYRI has never been a company that follows, we lead. Since the company’s conception in 2002 we have led the way in developing new technology and utilising the very best expertise and knowledge to deliver cutting edge design and functionality.

However, TYRI started long before 2002. In the 1970’s, Martin Karlberg and Kjell Ljungström – two bright, young students with little financial means, began to work from a small garage in Sweden, developing a lighting solution for forestry machines.

Martin Karlberg explains, “When we started out, we founded a small company called ABL. Many years later we developed the first range of work lights for Nordic lights, both companies are now well-known players in the lighting industry. Following this success we started KLE, then in 2002, and in partnership with Ken Turzinski from the American company DMK and Philip Thorpe, from the UK company P.A. Thorpe (VC) Ltd, we created TYRI. A lighting company with global reach but local support and with the goal to design the best work lights in the world. All three companies had vast knowledge of work lighting having been active in the industry for many years.”

TYRI has always focused on pushing boundaries both in design and function, this remains our goal. From being the first lighting company to deliver a high-performance LED work light to recently delivering a world first smart lighting solution – INTELLilight.

“Our first work lights, developed in the seventies, had a diffused lens giving a comfortable illumination and used a new revolutionising light source technology of the time – halogen. Following this, we began to work with HID then LED as these new light source technologies developed, working alongside the largest manufacturers of mobile machinery in the world, working with some for more than 30 years.” says Martin.

TYRI revel in a design challenge, this passion has never faltered over the years. Today, our Research and Development department is based in Sweden, with additional design engineers based in the USA and manufacturing headquarters in the UK as well as the USA and Sweden and a network of sales offices around the world. TYRI is best placed to deliver industry leading work light solutions for future demands. Including for the new world of automation and electronic vehicles.

“We have spent many hours working with machine designers and test drivers and have built an organisation that is fit for the future. We remain as forward thinking as always and intend to continue to lead the field in delivering world firsts and ground-breaking solutions for work lighting,” concludes Martin.