It’s all in the details

Making sure TYRI work lights are manufactured to the highest possible standards is part of our DNA. Here we speak with two of TYRI UK’s key team members about how they ensure the high quality of TYRI lights.

TYRI prides itself on the quality of its work lights, from the components to the final manufactured product. UK Material Planner, Savitri Persaud Heyhirst and UK Quality Manager, Ian Tiler explain more about their background and the TYRI ethos that delivers the highest quality product available.

Hailing from the sunny shores of Barbados, Savitri has been with TYRI UK for 5 years and not looked back since, “I have immersed myself into life in the UK and I now truly feel like I am settled, both at home with my family and at work with TYRI,” says Savitri. With a background in management processes from design, purchasing, planning and sales she is well suited to the challenging role at TYRI, controlling over 2000 parts and ensuring each ordered item is to the highest standards.

Since starting work at TYRI, Savitri has implemented changes that have allowed her to drill down more into detailed procedures to ensure all parts supplied are to the highest quality. Working with Ian Tiler, Quality Manager, they ensure that any quality issues are caught prior to the parts being entered to the production line.

Savitri has developed a deep understanding of how the TYRI products are manufactured by spending time on the production line, building the lights and getting to know how each part fits into place, “Having detailed product knowledge is key to allowing me to converse with suppliers more effectively and increase understanding to avoid potential errors in delivery,” she explains. “This then builds into developing a more effective working relationship with suppliers to get the best service possible.”

Ian Tiler, Quality Manager at TYRI UK has been with TYRI for just over a year and with experience across design, engineering, production and quality, he has the right skill set to ensure effective quality policies and procedures are followed. He describes himself as a methodical worker who has a keen interest in how things work.

As a child, this curiosity got him into trouble though, as he explains, “I wanted to know how the TV worked, so I set about removing the back of the TV set to have a good look. My dad came home from work to find the TV in pieces and me peering into the back of it. He was not very happy to say the least!”

Ian works on the factory floor, which comprises of production lines for the LEDs and benches for smaller batch production and new product trials. At the end of each line is a quality inspector, who liaises with Ian, to adopt a stop and fix approach on any issues that are identified. This ensures that errors are corrected quickly, and all product is 100% inspected prior to it leaving the factory. Ian enjoys being on the factory floor and is hands on, building and testing product with production, “It’s important to build a strong working relationship and camaraderie with the team so they feel comfortable identifying quality issues and bringing them directly to me so we can find a solution and prevent quality issues down the line,” he explains.

In July 2019, changes were made to the UK factory, with updates to the production floor including a new carousel system and introduction of new robots. These changes ensure TYRI’s already high standards of quality are extended further with more consistency, less stoppage on the production line and that any quality problems are identified at source, prior to entering the production process. This also sees TYRI UK’s capacity double. “It is an exciting time for TYRI UK’s operation, and we look forward to being able to grow to meet our customers demands whilst still maintaining our quality levels and standards,” says Ian.