Helping Operators in the Field

When spraying crops, it’s important operators can see where the chemicals are being distributed and if their equipment is functioning correctly. A useful tool in this endeavour is a work light which illuminates the sprayer boom arm and allows operators to see to the end of their nozzles.

TYRI’s 1010 BlueBeam as a powerful spot light, with a wide beam pattern. The bright blue colour ensures operators of crop sprayers have full visibility of the nozzle spray being spread across the fields with its powerful short range illumination. The blue light works more effectively than a white LED or halogen light, giving a clearer view of the nozzle spray and helping to identify when a nozzle is blocked or not fully operational.

This eye catching development in work lighting is ideally suited for use on agricultural crop sprayers. Allowing work to continue during both day and night operations.

The 1010 BlueBeam is rigorously tested to achieve IP69K rating, protecting against the effects of moisture from the sprayer nozzles.

TYRI developed the 1010 BlueBeam specifically to perform as a long distance beam light, giving a high lux output in a concentrated area. This allows the light to be directed across the boom arms, highlight the sprayer heads and illuminate the spray.