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In the automotive industry, design has always been of greatest importance. The lights on a car are one of the most important design elements and brand signals. Today, this is becoming as important for heavy vehicles.

When designing new lights for a vehicle there is much more to consider besides the look and feel of the light. High quality vehicles need high quality lights, in more ways than one. Quality means high quality products with a long lifetime, but it also means a high quality light output, optimal and flexible lighting to enable able the driver to build a good working environment. Environmental issues in and sustainability will also become more important in the near future.

TYRI has been in the forefront of work light technology for over 40 years, and we continually strive to develop new technologies, to control lighting in completely new ways and to design industry leading concepts tailored to our customers needs.

We can take the role as a strategic design partner working with you, and acting as your lighting specialist, integrating into your design team. We also work with tactical design by adaptation. Where we can customise TYRI products with special features.

Don’t hesitate to contact us when planning for the next generation of your vehicles. Our team of specialists are at your service.

”The ability to identify a need, and then create a solution that redefines the norm of an entire industry – that is what great engineering is all about”



The most basic and lowest entry point for custom lights is to take an existing product and modify this to meet your needs. This can include changing the colour, logo, or trim details. This level is an effective solution which offers time saving as well as cost saving benefits as it has low to no entry cost. It uses an existing tried and tested product, so additional testing is not needed in most cases. A potential disadvantage to this level is that it does have limited design options. This level of design was utilised by Jeep when they approached TYRI Americas to initially supply a more powerful, durable off road light package for Jeep’s new JL Wrangler launched in 2018.

Module based

A mid entry custom design product or modular based design uses existing PCBA or electronics as well as optical systems to create a new product. This option gives more flexible design freedom as the outer shell of the light can be designed to your specifications using our expert knowledge. This design has a low to mid entry cost point and was used when TYRI UK worked alongside Terberg Benschop, based in the Netherlands.

New Design

Using our lighting expert’s knowledge, TYRI works with your design team to design and build a completely new lighting product to perform to your exact requirements. This option is a mid to high entry cost and for the most effective results, requires TYRI to work alongside your design team to ensure complete synergy in design and expectation throughout the project. This process was followed by Massey Ferguson working with TYRI Sweden and resulted in brand new Halogen and LED headlights and work lights being created. All developed products are subjected to TYRI and industry testing standards to ensure longevity and performance. TYRI also worked alongside Toyota to create a bespoke rear light bar to incorporate full functionality of brake warning, turn and reverse signals in one stylish unit for their Traigo 80 forklift. During this project, TYRI worked alongside Toyota’s design team from the beginning to deliver on style and performance. Using TYRI lighting experts, Toyota Material Handling was able to extend the knowledge of their design team to produce a Forklift truck which went on to win a German design award in 2019.

Case Studies


TYRI was approached to initially supply a more powerful, durable off road light package for Jeep’s new JL Wrangler launched in 2018.

Terberg Benschop

When Terberg Benschop, based in the Netherlands, wanted to offer an LED alternative headlight to meet customer demands, they began to look at possible suppliers.

Toyota Material Handling Forklift with light bar

Toyota Material Handling

TYRI proud to be part of the Toyota Material Handling German Design Award winning team.

Swecon Volvo Upgrade

In Sweden, TYRI have been working with Swecon – a distributor of Volvo Construction Machines for a number of years. Working in aftermarket sales, TYRI equip their machines with LED lighting solutions.

Massey Ferguson

With over 160 years history, Massey Ferguson is one of the leading and most recognisable tractor brands in the world. Their design and brand language are clear, and their manufacturing process is of the highest quality. When Massey Ferguson began to develop a new tractor series, they turned to TYRI to help design the unique lighting required.


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