TYRI in innovative collaboration with Swedigger

TYRI is at the forefront in many areas when it comes to lighting for construction equipment. A fully equipped test laboratory, the development of INTELLilight – an intelligent system where each lamp has a built-in transmitter and receiver and successful design collaborations with several of the world’s leading producers are some examples of this. In marketing, too, we are at the forefront. The collaboration with one of Sweden’s largest machine influencers @Swedigger is an example of this.

“We always want to try to think of fresh and innovative new ways of showcasing TYRI. In recent years, we have developed how we communicate with our audience. This means that we are now more visible and have a good platform to broaden our communication. The cooperation with @Swedigger is a very good example of this. Kristofer, who runs @Swedigger, has a fantastic drive and with his nearly 12,000 followers, he is an important voice in the industry. Therefore, it is absolutely right for us to collaborate with him and show his followers how our lights work and how important it is to have the right lighting,” says PeO Axelsson, Marketing Manager at TYRI.

@Swedigger bases his Instagram feed on showing his wheel digger, the Liebherr 914 compact, in various job situations. It is painted in bright blue and is filled with extra equipment. An eye-catching machine that takes care of itself and generates attention. This is something that TYRI is now enjoying.

“I like that my wheel digger is visible. It’s fun with the attention it creates and it becomes impactful when I take pictures to Instagram. The collaboration with TYRI has meant that it now also has the sharpest lighting on the market. The new lighting system mainly means that I have a fantastic light image when I work and that people around the machine are not dazzled by the lighting, but also that the wheel digger now looks a lot cooler, says Kristofer Clegg who runs the Instagram account @Swedigger.

The collaboration with @Swedigger also includes putting the right lighting on Kristofer’s pickup truck. A Chevrolet Silverado with 600 hp, also a hefty eyebrow lifter.


“Of course you should have really good lighting on it even if it is not used as much in the work. It’s basically my interest in pickups that made me get this one. A wonderful car that goes everywhere. Getting a hefty TYRI lighting system on it meant that it can now light up any dark forest road. With the right lighting, it will be safer for both myself and the surroundings,” says Kristofer Clegg.

Cooperation with @Swedigger is based on mutual exchange of knowledge and visibility. A form of collaboration in marketing that is becoming more and more common, where both parties have a benefit from being seen in each other’s channels.

“For us, of course, it is valuable to be seen in @Swedigger channels and we also want to show him in ours – it gives him more attention and hopefully his following grows. In the future, we hope for more activities with @Swedigger and that we can find more similar partners,” says PeO Axelsson.