How we at TYRI understand your needs

When designing lighting for material handling equipment, we were faced with some challenging design obstacles, for example, the size of the frame on the machine. Making sure that the smart lighting would fit into a compact space on the machine, was imperative to making it visually safe to use and be around. Our solution to this is our Red/Blue spot + Beam/Point and our sleek and slender VL4 range. This smart, simple but effective way of lighting helps to keep you running night and day.

Award winners in our sector
TYRI is proud to have been recognized by Hyster-Yale Group as a valid supplier for 8 consecutive years. Read more about this here.

TYRI understands that as an OEM you have a vision of how your machinery should look and perform. We will work with you to ensure our lights complement both your design and functionality.

TYRI offers

  • Effective, smart lighting solutions increase safety
  • Offering unique and quality lighting
  • Everything is tested in the TYRI Test Lab
  • 100% tested in production
  • Delivery customization to OEMs, one good example is the award winning rear light panel to Toyota Material Handling.
  • Choose the right lights = fewer needed = save money
  • Quality will always pay off in the long run. That is why we have the best solution to optimize your working environment.
  • People with years of knowledge at your fingertips, waiting to help you
  • Some customers – Toyota Material Handling, Hyster-Yale, Mitsubishi, Logisnext, Jungheinrich, Clark, Kalmar, HIAB (cranes)


Imagine that all the above comes as standard, that’s how dedicated we are to supplying you with only the best for your construction machinery. Take for example the INTELLilight®, this state-of-the-art smart lighting solution that has taken work lights to a whole new dimension. The possibilities are endless.

Read all about INTELLilight® here.

Streamline Design

The VL4 with its stylish streamline design fits perfectly on this forklift truck and provides a narrow illumination on shelves. Techniques and design in a symbiosis.


Using a combination of VL4 work light and 1010 BluePoint Mitsubishi have created a stylish look which increases safety and driver vision.

Visual Warning

The VL4 RedLine projects a line or box around a forklift truck to provide a visual danger zone, keeping pedestrian at a safe distance. This effective work light provides a sleek and unobtrusive solution, shining a clear red line around the machine.

Overhead Cranes

The 1010 BluePoint is a versatile warning light, not just on a material handling vehicle but with overhead cranes and other applications.


TYRI is proud to have been recognised by Hyster-Yale Group as a valued supplier and partner consecutively for 8 years:

2011 Supplier of Year nominee
2012 Supplier of Year
2013 Supplier of Year
2014 Certificate of Merit
2015 Supplier of Year
2016 Supplier of Year
2017 Certificate of Merit for quality and on time delivery
2018 Excellence in Aftermarket (UK/US)
2018 Certificate of Merit (UK)



Testing and Approvals for Material Handling

EMC EN55025 / CISPR 25

It is of vital importance, especially on emergency or military vehicles, that lighting does not affect control systems, cameras, on-board computers and other radio sensitive equipment. This is why TYRI lights are scrutinised to ensure they do not interfere with EMC functionality.

IP 69K

IP 69K ratings offers complete peace of mind that the work light you are installing has undergone rigorous tests to ensure it is both durable and conforms to the highest standards on the scale of protection against water, moisture and dust ingress.

Vibration testing

TYRI lights undergo extensive vibration testing, for up to 8 hours on all axes, above 10 Grms at a frequency range from 5 – 2000 Hz. This simulates the forces applied to the lights once mounted on off highway machines.

Salt spray testing

TYRI lights undergo rigorous salt spray testing to ensure they are approved to ASTMB117 standards. This ensures that even in corrosive environments, TYRI lights will continue to perform.

Shock testing

As well as vibration testing, TYRI lights undergo shock testing to a force of 50G. This ensures that TYRI lights will withstand punishment from your work environment.

Environmental testing

TYRI lights tested in hot and cold temperatures, as well as humidity, for a minimum of 50 days. They are tested in conditions up to -40C° to +85C° and up to 90% humidity.

Polarity / Overheating / Overvoltage Protection

TYRI lights have built in temperature sensing circuits which reduce the output to regulate the temperature of the light. This prevent damage to the LED’s that can result in premature failure. TYRI LED lights are also reverse polarity protected in the event of incorrect installation. Should the wires become crossed during connection, TYRI lights will not turn on until the wires have been connected in the correct configuration, protecting the LEDs and associated circuitry.

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