Norwegian Machine Operators Welcome Intelligent Work Lighting

Øyvind B. Schulstadsveen at Elverum in Norway has spent many hours in his Volvo L70H this snow-filled winter. From it, he illuminates the surroundings with his new INTELLilight® from TYRI Lights.

“It’s like a revelation,” Schulstadsveen says after another snow removal session where he’s been assisted by the 18 lights, he has fitted around his wheel loader.

He runs Schulstadsveen Maskindrift AS and has been in the business for over 20 years. His work involves snow ploughing and salt spreading in the winter and edge cutting, clearing and sweeping in the summer.

All the while, he has followed developments in the industry with an eye on what makes the working day a little easier, safer and more efficient.

“I’ve always had TYRI lights on my equipment. When I get a new machine, I take off the originals and replace them with TYRI Lights. I like to keep up with new technology, so the new wheel loader I got before Christmas, I chose to equip with the brand new INTELLilight®,” he enthuses.

Flexible Work Lighting

What is INTELLilight®?“INTELLilight® is a lighting system that allows you to change the colour temperature and intensity of the light emitted whilst also being able to group the lamps and control them in different combinations as needed. The applications for this innovative light system are wide ranging as the functionality would benefit those working in Construction as well as Forestry, Agriculture, Snow Ploughing and much more,” says Rikard Forsgård in Egil Verne AS, which distributes TYRI Lights in Norway.

Many machine operators work in tough environments and bad weather conditions; therefore, it can be an advantage to change both the lumens and kelvins to improve visibility. With INTELLilight® you can regulate from 0 – 2,900 effective lumens which changes the intensity of the light. You can also adjust the light from 2,700 kelvins (a warm yellow light) – 6,500 kelvins (a cold white light) instantly if, and when, your working conditions require it. This feature can make it easier for the light to penetrate particles such as snow, fog or dust, giving a clearer line of sight. It’s not always maximum light output that improves visibility.

Everything Is Controlled With One App

So far, there are two ways of controlling the INTELLilight® system. The light can be controlled with an app on the phone or via a simple remote control. Both are based on Bluetooth, as is the entire system. For machine manufacturers, TYRI is now working on developing a solution to integrate INTELLilight® into the machine’s original operating system.


200 hours

A lot of the first deliveries of INTELLilight® have been made to Norway.

“Norway has always been at the forefront when it comes to testing new technology. We have now sold over 1000 lamps and carried out substantial tests in real environments,” says Forsgård. One of them is Schulstadsveen Maskindrift AS. Throughout the winter, Øyvind Schulstadsveen tested the new lamps for over 200 hours.

Schulstadsveen says,

“Being able to adjust the light according to different working and weather conditions means that you as a driver become far less tired. This makes you feel better in yourself and become much more efficient.”

The system has now been in use for just over a year and the feedback from the machine operators over the world has been clear. No one wants to go back to the lighting they had before they got the innovative INTELLilight® system installed. One size does not fit all anymore – especially when it comes to work lights.