From humble beginnings to over 40 years experience in off highway lighting, TYRI is at the forefront of lighting technology. As the world evolves and changes with technological advances, so must the way we see. TYRI continually strives to develop new technologies, to control lighting in completely new ways and to design industry leading concepts tailored to our customers needs.

This is TYRI.

TYRI was created by three partner companies based in the USA, UK and Sweden with extensive experience in the work lighting field. Initially, the company started out in mining and forestry, which offer a very unique set of challenges for both machines and lighting. We built on our legacy in these demanding industries and now develop lighting for a variety of applications with a main focus on the harshest environments of off highway, including Material Handling, Agriculture, Construction and Heavy Vehicles.

Alongside the three headquarter locations, TYRI has additional sales offices around the world ensuring a mantra of Global Program, Local Engagement™. TYRI has a dedicated Research and Development department based in Sweden with an onsite, state of the art, testing facility. Our work lights comply with all international safety standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can hold up to the punishing regimes of all off highway machines.

Boasting a large range of standard work lights, TYRI also works alongside customers as a member of their design team to bespoke solutions to exact requirements. TYRI revel in the challenge of designing and developing new products using cutting edge techniques. Utilising our rich, specialist knowledge and experience and engaging with experts in optics, testing and design, TYRI creates a quality product that delivers on performance and style.

TYRI works with some of the most recognisable names in the industry and is dedicated to providing effective lighting in all aspects of their function. As an industry leader, TYRI’s Research and Development department constantly monitors global trends in the industry and attempts to predict new innovations and technologies, adapting to their differing needs to ensure they continue their groundbreaking legacy.

Our awards

  • Interface Design » Red Dot Award 2022
  • Supplier of the Year 2015 & 2016 | Excellence in Aftermarket 2018 » Hyster Yale Group
  • Merit Level Supplier 2018 » Hyster Yale Group
  • Achieving Excellence Partner 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 » John Deere Construction and Forestry
  • Unicarriers Supplier of the Year 2014 & 2019

Facts & Figures

  • Founders began lighting careers in 1971
  • TYRI established in 2002
  • 200 employees worldwide
  • 1 300 000 products produced yearly

Quality & Environment

TYRI only uses quality components and operate a 100% inspection on our production line. This ensures very few returns and maximum customer satisfaction.

All products are tested in our in-house laboratory, these rigorous regimes include EMC, Vibration, Shock, IP and salt spray for up to 500 hours. These are some of the toughest testing procedures carried out by any work light manufacturer and ensure TYRI lights will continue to perform, even in the harshest of environments. Find out more about our Light Lab here.

Our management system has been audited to ISO standards. see our certificates below:


Eco Friendly

TYRI are committed to environmentally friendly design, through our research, development and manufacturing process at each global location. TYRI uses quality materials, ensures the design of our lighting products allow for easy disassembly and reusable parts are labelled as recyclable so valuable resources can be reused in other industries. All of our waste electronics are ground down and the recyclable metals are extracted to be repurposed. The elements that cannot be recycled are burnt and the energy recovered is used in the heating of houses. Through our global efforts we have been awarded ISO 14001 and are RoHS compliant.