TYRI – Intelligent Lighting Solutions

As an industry leader in off-road work lighting, TYRI’s focus is on the development of high quality and intelligent lighting solutions for all off-road vehicles. TYRI works within sectors including; Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Material Handling and Off-Road.

TYRI provides a worldclass, standardised product range at the forefront of lighting technology, as well as collaborating with OEMs as a design partner, all over the world.

Our attention to detail, coupled with high quality products and high quality light are essential for providing our customers with the best light solutions and user experience on the market.

INTELLilight® is our new, innovative lighting system – it’s flexibility allows the light emitted to be adapted to suit different working conditions and individuals out in the field. The intelligent system connects via a wireless mesh network which can be controlled by the driver, or group of drivers, using the mobile app. Welcome to the future of work lighting.

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