Brilliant Reach as @Swedigger and TYRI go ultra-viral!

At the time of writing this article at beginning of March 2023, one of @Swedigger’s posts has had 5,300,000 views on Instagram, close to 350,000 likes and almost a thousand comments. That’s the result of a post @Swedigger created on his way home from work one day. He simply tested his powerful light set-up from TYRI and filmed the experience.

It was more of a ‘spur of the moment’ thing than thoughtful content for Kristofer Clegg’s Instagram account @Swedigger. When the idea and the opportunity came, he took advantage of it and the result went ultra-viral.

“I drove home from work as usual and thought about how I usually show friends and colleagues who ride with me in the pickup truck what cool lighting I have. I did it again because it’s kind of fun even for me to see the incredible difference they make and then decided that I was going to film it. With the music in the background and the effect with the forest at both sides and the snow, I knew the cut was going to be really good,” says Kristofer Clegg.

TYRI has a collaboration with @Swedigger, who has been one of Sweden’s largest machine influencers for a couple of years now. The lighting equipment on both his wheeled excavator, the Liebherr 914 compact, as well as his pickup, a Chevrolet Silverado with 600 hp, is very impressive. @Swedigger has not spared any expense in upgrading his lighting so when he turns them on the impact is incredible.

“It is a very exciting and fun collaboration we have with @Swedigger and Kristofer. The fact that we get the chance to test different lamps and lighting systems with someone who really has a genuine interest in quality and performance is part of it, but that we also get to be involved in creating an ultra-viral post on his Instagram account is really cool!”, says PeO Axelsson, Marketing Manager at TYRI Sweden.

Many of @Swediggers followers wanted to know about the light set up he had with others saying,

@littlewicky2 – Oh man that’s sick! You can make night time day time any time you want!!

@rossko_fez – Bro just changed the time of day

Today, @Swedigger has almost 45,000 followers, double the amount he had before the post he made on his way home, that day in the dark. A clear example of a cooperation that benefits both parties.

“I enjoy it – I spend a lot of time on my posts and really want to create content that is interesting and good quality. That’s why it’s comical that the video that got my account going only took five minutes to make,” Kristofer said.

For PeO Axelsson, marketing manager at TYRI Sweden, this is not as surprising. The viral effect is impossible to predict and often it is chance, timing and a quick idea that creates the greatest spread, according to him,

“The unpredictability of what goes viral and what doesn’t is exciting to see. @Swedigger makes fantastic content and spends a lot of time making it as good as possible. But there is something else that is required for a post to go viral. This time it was the incredible effect and everything interacting; the contrast between darkness and light, the dense forest on both sides of the road coupled with the snowy conditions. For many viewing the video it will be an unusual and exotic setting that people enjoy seeing, and we are glad TYRI Lights could help them see it!”

Link to the video: