Providing effective lighting to MATISA

MATISA design and build track construction and maintenance machines that are acknowledged worldwide.

TYRI was asked to provide high quality, professional illumination for their Ballast Regulator R21 (Track Maintenance Machine).

The main challenge was to create an even illumination of the track under the machine, the embankment (3m) and the conveyor belt. Additionally, the machine operator was required to observe the ballast flow from the cab without the lights creating glare or reflection from metal or fine dust.

“After discussions with TYRI’s lighting experts, it was determined which lighting solution would give the best result for this case,” explains Sibylle Naumann-Edgren, Area Sales Manager for TYRI.


TYRI generated light simulations to demonstrate how the light placements and model choices would perform, and this was presented to the MATISA. Impressed by the package suggested, MATISA started to equip their Ballast Regulator with the lights proposed. The results were overwhelming, providing customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.

Cedric Dupré, Project Engineer, MATISA SA. explained, “I am really content that we have chosen TYRI lights. The result are unbelievable. I will tell my colleagues that TYRI light simulations are very reliable.”

“Of course, it is very rewarding for us to be recognized by our customers for the work we are doing and to get such a nice response,” says Sibylle Naumann-Edgren.