Ottossons Åkeri lights up in the forest

Timber trucks must be able to navigate narrow forest roads, safely handle timber and drive long distances. Since the 1980’s Ottossons Åkeri in Strömstad has been transporting timber and knows what it takes for safe delivery.

“It was my father who started the business in 1982 and for me it has always been natural to follow in his footsteps. Trucks have always been my life. But for me, the pocket company got a little boring. I wanted more co-workers and vehicles. So, when I took charge of the business, I started to expand,” says Christian Ottosson.

Today Ottossons Åkeri has ten trucks in its own operations and it is also part of other groups to find synergies and large scale. Many runs are to pick up timber in the forests nearby and transport it to the port for further transport or to the end customer.

Many times the transports are about getting into narrow forest roads and in a crowded environment loading timber onto the big cars. This requires both precision from the driver and all the truck’s functions. Lighting is an important part of this, says Christian.

“It’s often dark inside the forest and there’s never any external lighting so we’re completely dependent on our own lighting. It is often the light that is most important. We often back in or need to turn around where it is crowded and then the backlight is extremely important.

Christian tells us a little more about how to look at the lighting for timber trucks,

“When you buy a timber truck, it is often good lighting from the beginning, but when you need to change, it can easily be that you choose a cheaper solution. Not so long ago we went into a collaboration with TYRI where they wanted to test their work lights on a timber truck and take pictures for marketing materials and we were happy to participate in this. Now we have tested on a truck for a period and have just ordered a new set for another timber truck. We are very pleased with the capacity and they shine really well. It is important that the whole light picture is right around the truck and here, TYRI is excellent at providing a uniform lighting with a focus in the right areas.