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Innovation and a good work environment

The secret behind TYRI’s success and low staff turnover With its 200 dedicated employees worldwide, TYRI manufactures around 1,300,000 units per year and, all of its manufacturing is demand-driven, customised and quality-assured. Success lies in the company’s competent production management, a work atmosphere that foster collaboration, a steady flow of orders and use of robotics. […]

What’s in a lumen?

What does it mean when lighting companies talk about theoretical and effective lumen. Below is an explanation that we hope will give you the information you require to make an informed decision. Theoretical / Calculated / Raw Lumen As with all things theoretical, it is an explanation of a perfect world. In other words the […]

Diffused Lighting

Lens patterns have a dramatic effect on light output for both directional and light disbursement functionality. By developing new lenses, TYRI is able to provide work lights that reduce glare and give a more even light coverage, especially when working in restricted areas. Diffused Lighting TYRI’s diffused lens provides a wide beam of light in […]

Anti Glare lighting

Most work lights are available with multiple lens pattern configurations and the TYRI range has one of the most extensive offerings on the market. Our lighting solutions are available with asymmetric lens patterns to prevent glare and eye fatigue caused to those working around machinery. Asymmetric Lens The asymmetric lens pattern disperses the light beam […]

Colour Temperature vs CRI

Light can be produced in an array of temperatures, even a white LED light can have different colour properties, from a warmer yellow to a bright blue hue. In contrast, light colour quality is measured as a value on the Colour Rendering Index (CRI), depicting how well colours are seen by the eye. Colour Temperature […]

10 great reasons to upgrade from Halogen to LED

1. Price Traditionally, halogen lights have a lower price tag and they do provide a reasonable level of light. Their downfall is the bulb; once blown you are forced to stop working to replace it, and this then impacts on revenue and productivity. Although the initial cost is higher, LED’s offer reduced energy use, which […]

Are all LED’s equal?

Choosing the correct light for your application can be confusing, so the choice is often decided by price. Unfortunately, not all LED work lights are the same; low cost LED’s are frequently manufactured with low cost components and a lack of quality control. This could mean that the level of brightness, colour spectrum and expected […]

Lighting for construction

Lighting and lighting levels are very personal to individual operators. There are so many different opinions on how to light a work area effectively. However, there are recommended guidelines to follow; such as that the difference in light between the brightest spot and the area around it should be no more than 30%. These recommendations […]

Passion for animation drove Dipti to TYRI

Dipti Samant works with 3D visualisation and light simulations at TYRI. She gets down to business when TYRI’s designers and sellers need an elegant visualisation of the properties and performance of light. Using sophisticated software, Dipti helps customers understand how the light from a lamp will appear on the heavy vehicle. Despite having a background […]