TYRI’s BASEline – Quality Meets Affordability

When TYRI considered producing a cost-effective entry-level LED product, quality, and brand identity were at the forefront of our objectives. Known for our high standards, the TYRI team were determined to offer top-notch reliability, all while making it accessible to a wider audience.

Quality Meets Affordability

TYRI understands cost is an important factor in purchasing decisions and, with the new BASEline, the goal was to appeal to existing and emerging markets. The BASEline range is perfect as a first step into LED lighting from Halogen, with the guarantee of being produced and tested to TYRI’s high standards including EMC Class 5. However, the price isn’t the only aspect users appreciate; feedback from various OEMs has been overwhelmingly positive. The consensus is that the BASEline’s styling is both modern and appealing, and the light quality is exceptional.

High Performance and Versatility

Available in square and round (swivel) options, with 12v and 24v up to 1100 elumens or multivolt up to 1200 elumens, the BASEline range combines its compact, slim design with excellent light performance. This combination makes the BASEline range highly adaptable and can be used across many applications, including Construction, Material Handling, Agriculture, and Forestry.

Research & Development

To ensure the Baseline series lives up to TYRI’s reputation, the R&D team considered every aspect of the light carefully. Every detail, from the PCB, down to the necessity of each individual screw in the housing, was assessed. They have succeeded in developing an attractive work light with a high level of design quality. This can be produced while keeping costs in check through thoughtful reduction of optional features and variations.

Material Efficiency 

One of the key elements contributing to BASEline’s cost-effectiveness is TYRI’s innovative approach to material use. The lamp’s housing design has undergone a significant transformation, reducing aluminium consumption by an impressive 15-20% compared to its predecessors. This material efficiency not only renders the lamp housing lighter but also champions sustainable practices.

Martin Karlberg, CEO of TYRI Sweden says:

“The concept of how we design products is changing. This conscious reduction in aluminium has been so successful that it is something we are looking at for other work lights in the TYRI range. The result is a win-win scenario, where both the customer and the environment benefit from this considered, sustainable approach to product design and manufacturing”.

Branding BASEline

The BASEline S1’s design offers a unique branding opportunity. Its frame can be customized to match company colours, and manufacturers can proudly display their logos on the trim. This allows the Baseline to become an integral part of a machine’s branding, aligning its appearance with the company’s identity, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Quality Assurance & Testing

The BASEline range isn’t just about affordability; it comes with TYRI’s trusted assurance of quality. These products undergo rigorous testing, including meeting EMC Class 5 standards and IP69K, ensuring they offer cost savings as well as reliability and performance that customers can trust.

To learn more about the BASEline range, request a demonstration or further information,  contact TYRI and you’ll be connected with a local sales representative. Alternatively, you can find additional information here.