TYRI photo inspired by William Shakespeare

Maybe you have seen this image of Christian Wadell, Global Head of R&D at TYRI. And it is a photo that we like to use.

Last year we asked TYRI house photographer, Göran Assner, to spend a few days at TYRI Sweden. The mission was to create interesting photos behind the scenes of our company. With focus on the people behind.

This photo is not taken in a professional studio, which you might think. It is taken in our showroom with a black curtain behind.

The idea was to create the feeling of Christian looking into the future of work lighting. The only light is from the INTELLilight lamp in front of him. This also shows the possibilities by this product to change colour temperature and to dim the light. With a regular LED work light it would have been much to bright to be able to look into.

//PeO Axelsson, Marketing Manager at TYRI Sweden