INTELLilight – Finding the ideal light for every moment and task

“Once you get used to being able to freely choose the brightness and colour of your light, it feels impossible to be limited again” – that’s how Kristofer Clegg describes INTELLilight®, the intelligent work lighting system from TYRI.

During the day, Kristofer drives a wheeled excavator, a Liebherr 914 compact, whilst in his spare time he calls himself @swedigger and is one of Sweden’s biggest influencers in construction equipment. He has had a collaboration with TYRI for several years and has tested INTELLilight® for a long time. Kristofer now finds it difficult to see how it would be possible to work with work lighting that cannot be adjusted based on the weather, time of day, and/or the environment he is working in.

“Being able to quickly and easily adjust the brightness and temperature of the light makes such a big difference. If you are in an urban environment on a late afternoon in December, you need to experiment until you have lighting that is comfortable to work in, while at the same time not negatively affecting the surrounding neighbourhood. However, if you’re in the woods, and it’s snowing and hazy, you need a completely different light – what’s so exciting is that you don’t really know in advance what suits you – you have to test your way to find the perfect lighting. That’s where INTELLilight® with a simple remote control and an app connected to the lighting system, is fantastic,” he says.

According to Kristofer, the idea that it would always be better to have many watts and a high lumen value for work lighting is not true. All manufacturers can offer this, but it’s more about being able to personalise the lighting and adapt it to different situations.

“If, for example, you’re going to landscape an area with a long shallow incline, it’s important to see the level differences so it doesn’t become uneven. Then you need even lighting over a large area and be able to adjust both the brightness and the colour of the light for it to be optimal.”

INTELLilight®, the intelligent work lighting system, has five colour levels, from yellow-orange to ice-blue, and Kristofer uses all the levels even though he has his favourites.

“I use the three in the middle the most, but on a grey November day that swallows all the light, you may need a really cool light to see properly. Now that the snow is deep where I live, you get a lot of free light thanks to the white snow, so I often drive with warm yellow-orange light at this time of year. Should it rain or snow, I would like to be able to adjust the brightness properly, but as I said, you have to test it yourself every time. There are so many different aspects and conditions when you are out working that it is not possible to say which light is suitable for a particular situation. You have to try things out,” Kristofer concludes.

Kristofer Clegg is one of Sweden’s biggest influencers in construction equipment with close to 60k followers on Instagram: @swedigger

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