Sälen in central Sweden, is one of the country’s leading ski resorts and receives more than its fair share of snowfall and visitors.

During the winter months, one of the biggest challenges facing Sälen is keeping the town open and functioning.

Operators work 16 hour days, clearing the roads of snow using a fleet of wheel loaders, in adverse weather conditions. This requires exceptional vehicle lighting that doesn’t strain the operator’s eyes but gives sufficient illumination.

TYRI fitted 4 pcs 1010 LED lights per vehicle, providing 10,000 effective lumen output at a colour temperature of 5700 Kelvin, allowing the operators to see clearer and work more efficiently, saving an estimated 8 hours working time per week.

TYRI lights are tested and approved to a protection rating of IP69K which means they carry protection against water and dust ingress, even when power washed or steamed. They are tested for vibration and shock on 3 axes to 50G of force to ensure they can perform, even it the harshest of environments and carry the highest EMC ratings to ensure they do not interfere with on board electronics.

TYRI commits to 100% inspection of all work lights prior to leaving our production facilities. This ensures very few returns and maximum customer satisfaction.