10 great reasons to upgrade from Halogen to LED

1. Price

Traditionally, halogen lights have a lower price tag and they do provide a reasonable level of light. Their downfall is the bulb; once blown you are forced to stop working to replace it, and this then impacts on revenue and productivity.

Although the initial cost is higher, LED’s offer reduced energy use, which decreases running costs and helps prevent downtime and loss in revenues. Expenditure for LED Work lights are repaid, on average within 24 months.

2. Efficiency

LED’s draw less power than Halogens reducing the strain on your machine battery. This ensures more power is available for other applications such as GPS, on board computers or more lighting all, in most cases, without increasing the capacity of your alternator.

Fuel saving is also a benefit – with lower energy draw, fuel consumption is reduced and so are costs.

3. Reduced Maintenance

With no filament or moving parts and lasting for up to 40,000 hours*, LED’s have a life term to match that of your machine; meaning maintenance is reduced along with machine downtime due to lighting repairs.

*40,000 hours is reference to the LED manufacturer statement, based on test conditions and does not represent a statement of warranty

4. Design Flexibility

Since the design capabilities are more flexible; LED lighting can be placed in compact and restrictive areas for better illumination. TYRI works with equipment manufacturers to design solutions that not only deliver on light and quality but also on aesthetic appearance.

5. Durability

LED’s use solid-state construction so there are no breakable bulbs, fragile filaments or sensitive electrodes like those in halogen or HID lighting. This means LED’s are the ideal choice for vehicle applications where rough terrain would cause traditional work lights to fail.

6. Light Distribution

TYRI LED’s are available with a variety of lens patterns to project the light to where it is needed; ensuring the right amount of light is delivered and avoids causing glare to those working around the machine and other operators.

7. Eco Friendly

TYRI uses quality materials, ensures the design of our lighting products allow for easy disassembly and reusable parts are labelled as recyclable. All of our waste electronics are ground down and the recyclable metals are extracted.

8. Reduced Eye Fatigue

LED work lights, designed by TYRI, typically emit a light with 5700°K colour temperature. This is near the colour spectrum of the mid-day sun, and so allows the human eye to function and view objects better.

9. Faster Warm Up

LED’s reach operating temperature much quicker than traditional filament bulbs and so are more efficient. They also operate at a much lower temperature than halogen so safety is increased.

10. Compliance Ratings

TYRI Lights are proven to perform, even in the harshest of environments. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can hold up to the punishing regimes of all off highway machines.